What to do with a radiator repair

I haven’t lived at my parents’ house for several years. About three years ago, I bought a brand new home not too far from them. Despite having a decent home of my own, the holidays are all still hosted at my parents’ house. But last year, my father called me and told me that he didn’t think my mom could handle the stress of cooking for Thanksgiving this year. He then asked me to host the holiday. I was super excited to finally have a chance to show off my hosting skills. I spent weeks preparing and cleaning. Then on Thanksgiving morning, I woke up to a loud banging sound coming from my HVAC system vents. Then the entire heating system shut off.  I ran over to the wall thermostat and turned off the switch to the heater immediately. Then I gave my HVAC unit a few moments to recuperate and tried to start it again, but it just would not turn on! I was so frustrated! I couldn’t find an HVAC company working on the holiday at all.  Then I remembered I had a fireplace in my dining room. In a hurry, I turned the fireplace on and tried to forget about my HVAC system. My parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings arrived and I ushered them straight to the dining room where the fireplace was roaring. I didn’t even have to try very hard as they were all drawn to the ambiance for the fireplace. I don’t think anyone even remarked that my heater wasn’t working, not even my nosy aunt Sue!

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