This summer-thankful for cooling

I think it’s going being a long, and very hot Summer. I am glad I have a good HVAC system at my house. I don’t use the furnace much in winter as it doesn’t get too cold here. I live in the South. Nonetheless summers are another story entirely. You definitely need some cold A\C on throughout the summer time. I wish to keep it nice and frosty in my house so I turn the thermostat down as low as possible. I don’t know what setting I keep it at but it is below the manufacturer suggested temperature, I am sure. I don’t care if our utility bills are high as long as I have ice cold air conditioning in the summer time. The funny thing is we grew up without air conditioning inside the house. I guess that is the reason why I like the A/C a great deal. My brother is a much different story altogether. He doesn’t like air conditioning whatsoever and he’ll crank up his gas furnace in the winter weeks. I think he keeps his thermostat set on eighty-five degrees within the winter weeks. Well, he is pretty skinny thus I guess he doesn’t have a whole lot of insulation to keep him warm. The truth is that I am of average height and weight but the two of us are just opposites in the case of heating and air conditioning. Sometimes I go to visit him and he won’t even turn the cooling system on when I am there. I get back at him by keeping my thermostat set low when he comes to visit me in Winter time. I guess we could call a truce and become more hospitable. We need to make an arrangement so when I visit him he turns his air conditioning on and when he visits me I turn heat up on the gas heater.

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