The HVAC ducts in my new office

Recently, I landed my dream job in my field. It pays awesome, everyone who works there is friendly, I love the work itself, and the office building I work in isn’t only nearby, but super nice too. It was just constructed two years ago, so many of the amenities and most of the devices in it’s super hi-tech and brand new. Aside from the new computers, projectors, and even modern day coffee makers, the biggest draw could possibly be the office HVAC system. The thing could warm up an ice rink or turn the Sahara desert to ice. It’s so strong and on the hottest days I’m still comfortable in a very nice suit. Same goes for cold days, when the heater kicks on you would think it’s spring out despite it being zero degrees outside. The office even has a complex system of air ducts to allow the thermostat to heat certain portions of the office more than others, so when one room is too hot, the heater can be changed significantly while leaving all other locations of the office the same. It’s really a modern brilliant piece of HVAC technology, and it must cost the company a fortune to have it running all the time and serviced regularly. I’m just thankful they’ve got it, I’ve grown accustomed to such dingy offices with poor cooling and heating, or even working from home where I don’t actually have functioning HVAC equipment at this point. It’s a wonderful change from what I thought was normal.

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