Gift of air conditioning

Last year, we let our grown daughter move back home and she’s still living with us. We have enjoyed having her company, and over the first few months, we had an enjoyable time having her home. Now it really has been fourteen months, and she is still sleeping on a cot in the basement. She has a full time job, but she still chooses to reside here with us. I wasn’t terrible bothered by her presence, until she started to complain about our A/C all the time. My husband likes to keep the A/C set to 80 degrees in order to save money on the electric costs. The heat or A/C is not likely to affect me much, so the temperature is usually okay with me. Our girl has been complaining since Spring began, and she is constantly adjusting the setting on the thermostat. When we complained about her adjusting the thermostat, she went out and bought a portable little A/C unit for our basement. Unfortunately, she didn’t think about getting a portable A/C unit with a good SEER rating, and it is costing us a large amount of cash to run the blessed thing. In April alone, I think the electric charge was higher by almost a hundred bucks. My husband and I will have to sit down with this daughter of ours and explain the laws of supply and demand. She will have to start helping out at home, or she is going to take her portable A/C somewhere except our downstairs basement.

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