Filter changing could help noise

It’s not very often I’m able to go out of town to do something, but I did have to venture to an event in which was far enough away remaining in a hotel was much smarter than driving up and back in the same period. So, I checked into a reasonably priced place and went on my merry way to do my work. I made contact with the hotel, and to my dismay the place was in pretty crummy condition, and it sounded like an old man was hiding below the bed, but really it was this stuffy ancient wall unit that was probably worse because I had to stare at this thing the night I slept there. The fan was ridiculously loud too. I doubted any proper HVAC maintenance had been done to this equipment a year, maybe more. Forget about air conditioning maintenance or filter changes, this thing was hacking up its last lung. I could only hope I wouldn’t catch some weird airborne thing due to the more than likely poor indoor quality of air inside this room. It seemed like it might be the worst case scenario. I was at least thankful the sheets inside my room looked clean. The bath towels seemed alright to for hotel standards. A final thing you don’t want or expect is for the air unit to be on the fritz. The room itself wasn’t very hot either because the fan was hacking away in the corner. I couldn’t sleep and was sweating, and I think I was probably talking to myself, as I lay in the bed in denial of the overall situation.

HVAC filter

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