Air conditioning in my car

Down south, it gets pretty hot. So, I’m definitely going to always have the air conditioner in my car to the coolest temperature setting, and I’ll also have the fan on the optimum speed. But, there’s something to notice for constantly running these functions for the trip in the car. I always have the air circulating inside my car, and I really never drive with my windows down. If I do, I turn my whole system off because I’m sure it’s better for the car and isn’t wasting energy. It’s much nicer to have outdoor air circulating in with the system off when I have the windows down. I don’t want to lose any air the system is producing to outside. But again, when a system is running at full speed because it’s so hot, I gotta believe I’m likely crossing some fine lines always using my equipment. Through some research, I read from an HVAC professional on humid days, the car will actually burn more fuel with the engine to provide air inside the car. The parts of the AC can actually use up 3 or 4 horsepower of energy from your car. I can’t believe the quantity of energy needed just to have an air conditioner on in a car or truck. It can be like driving inside of a run can when it gets hot outdoors and I’m in the car. The only thing I do right now is balance between utilizing my AC inside car and shutting it off and rolling down the windows.

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