A/C installation for back kitchens

One or two years back I got this easy job in a kitchen to help my financial situation. I only worked there a few days a week, and it was essentially a side gig for making some extra cash for vacations. I obtained the training real quick, got friendly with the the staff who worked there and overall had a nice experience while I was there. Just the thing I never adjusted to, and won’t miss was the crazy heat blasting in the kitchen. I never thought the many ovens, and heat lamps could generate much heat. I wasn’t even behind the cooking line, thus I can’t even imagine what the chefs went through standing over scorching hot french-fried potatoes and stoves all day. My first day there I had to step outside because I thought I was gonna be sick from the intense heat of the kitchen. As it turns out at this place, like most restaurants, HVAC devices is equipped to mostly cool the dining floor, but not the kitchen. So the AC is running and blasting, but only enough to help make the customers comfortable, not the kitchen staff in the back. Some of the more experienced workers wore cooler clothing, brought in icy packs, knew where the cooler spots around the kitchen were, etc. It’s something which I never got used to, and I don’t miss that at all. I now work in a nice building with proper air conditioning so I don’t sweat an ocean of sweat every day as a result.

AC unit

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