Music playing and HVAC device

As a musician, I have been to several places that I must perform in to make some money. I have played my music in places like big concert halls, universities, small record establishments, even grocery shops. And besides to be a musician, I am a musician that will occasionally play a wind instrument. That means that whenever I’m playing my wind instrument within places like these, I’m pretty sensitive with the type of air, since it is what’s making the sound inside my instrument. That’s why I’ve gotten pretty sensitive to the HVAC systems in the venues that I do play in. In some places, you may be surprised at either how excellent or bad the heating and cooling is actually. I have played in some halls in universities that you would assume had great HVAC, using reality, their heating and cooling systems were the worst of the bunch in my opinion. I have played in some dinky cafes where the HVAC is amazing, sporting the best humidity control that you would never expect a hole-in-the-wall cafe to experience or even have installed. I guess all that I’ve learned is that places can astonish you, and that you can’t judge a book by its cover concerning HVAC, because heating and cooling systems work behind the scenes. They aren’t out front where everyone can have access to them, but everyone that frequents the building can certainly feel comfortable due to the way the HVAC unit heats and cools. Playing at a venue that has great heating and cooling is a stress-reliever and allows me to play better.

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