Modern Heating and Cooling is Awesome

I once met a Catholic priest who was visiting from another country. The Catholic faith is worldwide, so it is always a lot of fun and very interesting to meet people from other parts of the world. This particular person was from Haiti, which as you probably are aware, is quite poor. The first night he came to the United States, he stayed in a seminary that has rooms with a twin bed, a dresser, and an overhead light. He stayed awake all night staring at the light and thanking God for the miracle of electricity. This is very unlike most people in our country. We don’t give a second thought about electricity or HVAC systems. We use lights and air conditioners all day, every day. We use cooling systems in the summer and furnaces in the winter. We enjoy good indoor air quality through the use of air filters and it is big business to clean ductwork. We are truly blessed to be able to keep from freezing by utilizing radiators and heated floors in the cold months, and many lives have been saved from heat stroke with the regular use of cooling systems in the hotter months. It sometimes takes stories like the one of the man from Haiti to make us remember to be grateful for what we have. In his country and many others around the world, millions of people do not have access to electricity, clean water, or air conditioning. I am so fortunate to have the modern conveniences like heaters and air conditioners and lights that stay on all night if I so choose.

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