Learning about HVAC filter

My dad is a really wonderful dad. He even taught me how to do a portion of his job, and I don’t see him teach anybody that, not even my cousin! But my cousin is only two, so maybe she can’t quite understand it yet. Anyway, my dad’s job is to be an HVAC technician. I don’t know very well what it means yet, but I think that he fixes the parts of people’s houses that does the heating and cooling for them to be cool and air conditioned within the summers, but stay warm through the winters with something like a heater or even a furnace. Yesterday, he taught me what an air conditioner filter does, and why it’s important for people to have clean air filters whenever they use their air conditioning! If your air conditioner filter is clogged, that means that the air conditioning won’t work right, and if it’s really bad, that means you could be in danger of destroying your entire HVAC system. I know that that’s bad, even though I’m only fourteen, so I thought that it’s important to learn this skill early with the thought that maybe I would never ruin my day with a dirty air filter, or even broken air conditioning, or a broken HVAC system in my whole life. I hope that I can continue this streak, due to the fact that today, I managed to take action all by myself! I ensured that our family’s HVAC system and air filter was squeaky clean, and I even learned how to be sure that the air filter gets disposed of properly. That means to throw a part away.

HVAC filter

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