Camping and having a heater system

This freezing weather had just come upon us in an instant it seemed, for the past few weeks or so, the uneven temperatures have been in the very high seventies to the low eighties at that, and for the past two days or so, the highs for the day have been in the high fifties. The low uneven temperatures at night are down in the thirties as well. The two of us actually are not very used to this weather we experienced. Of course, this freezing blast really had to just happen on the month that we opted to go camping instead. The two of us weren’t going far away though, however we were going to park our big camper at a local RV resort as usual. They have genuinely nice amenities for us, like a big swimming pool, nice tennis courts, and a arena to launch your kayak or canoe if you want. The two of us had been planning this entire trip for awhile already, and were expecting the weather there to be hot enough to swim sometimes. Instead, we have this freezing snap, so we are huddled around the campfire all day and night it seems. At night, we have to run our portable oil heating systems in the camper to stay warm enough. The two of us also use extra blankets at times. To tell you the truth, we have been sleeping like babies every night in this weather. The little gas furnace is just enough to keep the camper warm enough, not to mention that we are tired out from enjoying the cool country air. It hasn’t quite turned out the way we had expected, however we are still really enjoying the time away from home we have. I just hope that our gas furnace had turned on at our house then, otherwise our pipes might freeze a lot. It happened to us a few years back and it was a total mess. That would not make us very delighted campers.

HVAC equipment

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