Awesome HVAC

I once met a Catholic woman who was visiting from another country. The Catholic faith is widespread, so it is always a lot of fun as well as interesting to meet people from other areas of the world. This particular woman was from a third world country, which as you entirely are aware, is quite poor. The first night she came to the US, she stayed in a seminary that has rooms with a twin bed, a dresser, as well as a reading light. She stayed awake all night staring at the light as well as thanking God for the use of electricity. This is honestly far fetched for most people in our country. The people from this country don’t think twice about electricity or Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems. The people around here use lights as well as air conditioning units all day and night, everyday. We all use cooling systems in the summertime as well as run furnaces in the winter. The people I was with and I care about quality indoor air through the use of air filters as well as keeping our HVAC ducts cleaned. We don’t realize we are blessed to be able to keep from cold by utilizing heating as well as heated floors in the frigid months, and several lives have been saved from heat problems with the proper use of cooling systems in the hotter months. It sometimes takes stories such as the one of the woman from a third world country to make us remember to be grateful for what all of us have. In her country as well as several others around the world, millions of people do not have any electricity, drinking water, or air conditioning. I am so fortunate to have the modern conveniences like heating, furnaces as well as A/C units to run as long as I wish.

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